CD + download - Direction Of Travel (2016)

CD + download - Direction Of Travel (2016)

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A beautiful piece of artwork to hold in your hands! Front cover by Alex Bertram-Powell.

Listen out for guest vocals from Tanya Donelly ("Paper Thin") and Mark Chadwick ("Time To Be Unkind").

+ includes immediate download on 48K WAV + MP3

Track listing:
  1. Drown Me Out
  2. Cold Shoulder
  3. In Cold Blood
  4. Alone
  5. Paper Thin (featuring Tanya Donelly)
  6. Please Don’t
  7. Stargazing
  8. Slow Down Sunshine
  9. 5000 Miles
  10. Time To Be Unkind (featuring Mark Chadwick)
  11. Turning To You
  12. The Best